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Welcome to First Call Hospice

If you are considering hospice care or are a new hospice patient, please take a moment to read on. If you are a returning visitor, please access the site with the Menu above.

Engaging a hospice agency is very often an emotionally and psychologically stressful step. Hospice care is also called palliative or comfort care - it is all about making a person comfortable and controlling symptoms related to what is making them sick. To be at the point of considering hospice, your physician has probably explained to you that you have approached a critical point in the progression of your disease. This means that someone you love very much, or perhaps yourself, is approaching death and that this is the time to prepare for immense change for you and those who love you.

The links on this web site will help you to understand what is meant by hospice care, why it can be important for you and your family, and how we can help. Ultimately, this is really the core of what we, First Call Hospice, can do for you- we can guide and support you and your family through the dying process, and provide understanding and information that will help you make sense of the changes that terminal illness can bring upon you and your whole family.

Much of the information you will read might seem just too much at the moment. Stay as long as you like, come back as often as you need to, and remember that we are just a First Call away with advice, help and comfort.